Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wardrobe Redux Part Deux

Leah and I are continuing our wardrobe update and today we hit up Jcrew, Banana Republic and Old Navy.

We found great work pants at Banana Republic and moved onto Jcrew in search of some cardigans. Even with my student discount of 15% those things are so expensive! We especially liked the ones with applique flowers but a simple merino cardigan like the one below was $98. We moved onto Old Navy slightly discouraged. (Though I found a very cute pink and white striped shirt.)

We weren't really finding anything at Old Navy until we came to a table with cardigans, when we realized that they were almost exactly like ones from Jcrew, except $26. These were cotton rather than wool (which is a plus for Leah because she hates itchy things) and they came in several colors.

You could buy three of these sweaters for the price of one from Jcrew

Score Old Navy: 1 Jcrew: 0

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