Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Ensemble: how to fail a test

Big test today. Ah well, I guess I wasn't meant to be a scientist. Failing tests sucks. My three tips for working through the pain:

1. Wear pearls. At least you'll look good while failing.

2. Bring a used pencil. There is nothing worse than starting to answer the first question on a test and realizing that your pencil squeaks. And then everyone stares daggers at you.

3. Have a plan. R. makes fun of me for this but I have very rigid test rules. Two nights before I go to sleep early after studying throughout the day. The night before I study, relax and then do a final look over my notes before going to bed. (Insert snack breaks whenever needed, last night I had an egg cream procured by the aforementioned R.) The morning of the test I get up early, have breakfast and then I read something other than my notes before going to the test. This helps, I swear. It's like you're giving your brain a rest.

pearls from an antique store in Michigan

Wearing: anglo-american optical glasses, vintage pearls, UO shirt, wilfred belt, jbrand jeggings, repetto ballet flats

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