Saturday, March 31, 2012

Look for Less: Nautical Dresses

I've been lusting after this beautiful dress from Sugarhill Boutique on asos. On sale for $78.78 it won't break the bank, but I was excited to see these two much cheaper options from Forever21. They're much simpler than the Sugarhill version but still good options if you're looking for a sailorish dress for spring!

Pintuck Nautical Dress, $24.90

Nautical Blouson Dress, $22.90

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things I've Bought Files: Leopard print studded loafers

It's grey and cloudy today, but my feet are nice and shiny due to my new shoes. I pinned this picture a while ago:

I tried following the trail of pins back to where it had originated to see if a label was given but couldn't find anything. So I took to google. I googled every variation of "studded," "leopard print," and "loafer" and eventually found these at urbanog.

They look kind of...lackluster in the picture but I was hopeful that they would be more vibrant in real life and they are! They are also very sharp, I've already cut my foot.

If anyone's looking for leopard print studded loafers I've found a few other options

UNIF spiked hellraiser loafers, $159

Melter, Steven by Steve Madden, $139

Elegant Duo, Jeffrey Campbell, $165

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On the hunt for: spring heels

I'm on the hunt for cool, functional heels for spring. I need straps of some kind, because I always seem to fall out of my cute pumps. Here are some I've been eyeing around the interwebs.

$89 from ninewest

$795 Reed Krakoff, from net-a-porter

$89.90 from zara

$168 from madewell

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


(If you click on the image you can see it larger)

This is a really interesting concept!

A young woman in Australia decided to start a virtual clothing swap, wherein all you had to do was upload a picture of a dress which someone else could "buy" (there is no currency used, just something called buttons, which I assume are a part of some points system) and you can use the proceeds to in turn "buy" someone else's dress.

Check it out here

Of course there are issues with such a model, but I think the idea makes a lot of sense. Miranda and I hosted a clothing swap at the beginning of the school year and it was a huge success, thanks in large part to the amazing snacks Miranda made. I just recently cleaned out my closet again so mayhaps we'll have to have another!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Wishlist '12

I posted about Pinterest this summer, and my love has not yet waned. I pin here if you'd like to follow me.

Spring came early to New Haven this year. Last week we had the most gorgeous weather, though it's cooled slightly now. I'm still craving pastels, floral pants, and hot pink toenails. I've cleaned out my closet, and reorganized my room, so I'm ready for some spring shopping!

1. Nautical dresses, like this one from Sugarhill Boutique on ASOS

2. Fun summer sandals, from Marais (help me choose a color!)

3. Floral jeans that won't cost me an arm and a leg, from Madewell

4. The perfect spring heels, sexy peeptoes to show off spring pedicures, from Ninewest

5. A neon silk skirt, the essential item I never knew I needed, from naven

6. A graduation dress, from Talula

7. And shoes to wear with it, from Sam Edelman

This past year...

So my last post is from early july. Every once and a while a friend will turn to me and ask when I'm going to start blogging again. I always shrug and change the subject. The truth is, I loved blogging. But when school started up in September I simply didn't have the time to devote that I had had in my sophomore and junior years. Senior year was (and still is) a whole different ball game. Not only do I have my regular classes, my senior project/essay, and the shows I costume design, I'm also supposed to be figuring out what the heck I'm going to do with the rest of my life.

A few weeks ago I started hearing back from graduate programs. A few days ago I made my decision and next year I will be moving to the big city to start a Master's program in Visual Cultures: Costume History at NYU, Steinhardt. I'm so excited for this new step in my academic career but it got me thinking about what else I will be doing in New York next year. In particular, I'm hoping that I'll have more time to develop this blog and find my voice as a blogger.

One of the biggest reasons I stopped blogging (besides the lack of time) was my unease at where I fit in the blogging world. I read so many blogs daily, and click through hundreds more over the weeks, and I was worried that my blog, while fun for friends and family to read, offered nothing new. Everything gets reposted these days, and that's fine, but I didn't want to restart my blog without some original content.

I'll still be posting cute shoes and DIY tutorials, because those things make me happy. But what I'm hoping is that eventually this blog will become a place where I can share the research I'm doing as a graduate student and as a writer. This summer my sister and I will be moving to Lakeside, Michigan to work as a writer (me) and a waitress/cook (Leah). We have a bunch of projects we'll be working on together, including a cooking show in which a cook (once again, Leah), teaches an idiot (that's me) how to make basic foodstuffs.

For right now my posting will probably continue to be erratic as I finish up school, move to NYC, and then pack up and move once again to Michigan. But watch this space, because (hopefully) soon we'll be back up and running!