Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Major Problem Solved!

So here is my major problem:
I can't wear high heels.
They make my feet hurt, I can't walk and I have to sit down after about five minutes.
But this problem is on it's way to being solved with help from a fabulous brand of shoes called Naked Feet.

Naked Feet has a very limited collection of flats and heels but they are great. I got my pair at DSW, they are grey leather heels. I still would not chose to run a marathon in them, but they can get me through a dinner party standing.
Naked Feet does not sell from their website but they do have lists of retailers and several online distributers.
Here are a couple of their shoes:

These are the heels I have except in grey.

This is the link for the Naked Feet website. I hope your feet enjoy them!

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