Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heros and Heroines

Do you all make lists? I am a big list maker, and I find nothing so satisfying as checking things off said list. With that, I have decided (with a little help from a class assignment) to undertake a fairly large project which I have always wanted to start. With help (and lots of guidance) from two very wonderful professors I have jumped into the wonderful world of Regency England to write my very first romance novel!

Ever since I met my heroine (she popped into my head one day and has taken up permanent residence) I haven't been able to stop thinking about her story and the world she lives in. Since I am a very visual person I have been searching all over the interwebs for characters to populate my Regencyland. Would you like to meet some of them?

This is Lady Annabelle Crowley, my heroine.

And this is my hero, Theodore Gray, Marquess of Beeston

I am signing off now for the next week. But we have a very exciting guest blogger, my sister Leah! She's going to talk to you about food and rings and all kinds of amazing stuff. See you in a week!

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