Saturday, March 6, 2010

Layered Necklaces

Happy Saturday!
The weekend is my favorite time of the week. To add to a casual weekend outfit of jeans and a cute shirt, I love the look of some layered necklaces. To demonstrate, meet the style twins: W. and E. They both have fabulous style and later in the week I will show you some of the great outfits they put together. Pairing several necklaces together can be a great way to showcase all of your interesting jewelry as W. demonstrate here:

I love how the butterflies go together and the heart makes it a little less matchy matchy.
E. is the president of our student body and for our assembly meetings on Fridays she likes to wear appropriately presidential jewelry.

She always wears her gavel necklace. The crown is a piece that I made for her. If you can't see, it says Madame President on it.

I have been taking a metal smithing class all year and absolutely love the pieces I can make for people. I will be sharing more jewelry I have made during the week including an amazing ring that E. made.

For a twist on the layered necklace look, I like the idea of paring some cute object necklaces like this roller skate from Urban Outfitters:

paired with an inexpensive bow ($18) also from Urban Outfitters:

Coming Tomorrow:
Some beautiful desserts I am making for a party tonight including Individual Banana Brulee Spoons and Vachrins with Cream and Raspberries.

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