Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dressing as a young professional

When my sister was home for winter break, we gave my closet a makeover. I am getting ready to start working my first real job and wanted to give my wardrobe a bit more grown up and professional look. However, I didn't want to start dressing like I was older then I am. I wanted to still keep a young sense of style while looking more put together.
So Bea and my very best friend Laura and I hit the shops!
Below, you will see some of the pieces I got from Gap, Banana Republic, Anthropologie and Forever 21. They are all stores that I like but I strayed more towards the work type clothes then the casual clothes I normally buy. I am really happy with the direction my style is going in. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my new look. I don't feel like I am losing my style but I do feel that I am presenting myself in a more polished and put together way.

This is one of my favorite things I found. I thought I would never have an occasion to wear it, but I've already worn it several times. It's a great little black dress.
dress from Banana Republic

I love this shirt because it is just a tad more exciting than a classic white button down. The sleeves and belt give it a bit more pizazz. The jeans are dark wash skinny jeans from Gap. I think they are polished enough to wear to a casual event.
Shirt from Banana Republic and jeans from Gap

These are my favorite style of shirt from Gap. They are super comfortable and I like the rolled up sleeves. I think it shows you are ready to get down to business and work!
Shirts from Gap

Lastly, I have three different styles of jackets. First is a sweatshirt blazer which has a great youthful look. Second is a really unique jacket which I got at Forever 21. And last is a classic blazer which you will never find because I got it at some shop in Copenhagen, paired with a really pretty and delicate shirt from Anthropolgie.

Blazer from Gap

Jacket from Forever 21

Blazer from Boutique in Copenhagen, Shirt from Anthropolgie

I definitely think that you can dress polished and professionally while still maintaining your style no matter what age you are. You just have to buy the right pieces and now what you are looking for.

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