Friday, May 28, 2010

Summah Posting

So obviously I'm slacking a little bit since it's summer. But soon I'll be back in New Haven to start my Italian class and I'm hoping with a little more routine in my life I'll be blogging more regularly.

I'm also planning on going on a shopping hiatus for these next three weeks, similar to the one that Rachel over at Heart of Light does. After reading her thoughts on last years hiatus (here) I decided to undertake my own with a few modifications. Mine will be 3 rather than 12 weeks and I will be still allowing furniture and thrift store purchases since I am trying to outfit a new apartment. The main thing I want to cut back on is new clothes. As I've been moving from dorm to new apartment and home I've come to realize how many clothes I have that I just don't wear.

I have built in one cheat day because I know R. and I are going to the mall one day soon ostensibly to return get him a new iphone but there is also a Madewell there and I doubt I will be able to resist.

So for the next three weeks I will be focusing more on home improvement and the adventures of learning how to cook. See you soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ready for Siena

It's really nice to be home, even if the weather in Chicago is less than ideal. I've still managed to eat at most of my favorite restaurants (Penny's Noodle Shop, Riccardo Trattoria, and CBA to name a few) and shop a lot.

After a little research on I am preparing for a hot summer in Italy. So number one on my list was a hat. I have extremely pale skin and I burn red like a tomato with just a few hours in the sun. I found a few good options at urban but went with a cheaper alternative from forever 21 because I know it will probably get shmooshed quite a bit.

Next up on the list of must-haves: a white dress. I live in white in the summer, no matter how many pretty prints I buy I always reach for a clean white dress. I usually choose a simply shift style, but I couldn't resist a slightly more elaborate version from Anthropologie.

Wearing: forever 21 hat, anthropologie dress

I'll be sharing more summer essentials throughout the week, including but not limited to the heart sunglasses I finally found!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's been a while!

Since the last time I posted I have:

1. Taken 2 finals
2. Wrote a combined 25 pages
3. Created a web exhibition
4. Packed and moved from my dorm into my new apartment (!)
5. Made it back to Chicago in one piece

I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged, but I was so overwhelmed with everything that I definitely needed the break.

For now I'm in Chicago, hanging out with family before we head back to New Haven to see my brother graduate from Yale. Then I'll be in New Haven for three weeks where I'll be furnishing my new apartment (expect lots of posts about flea markets in CT and DIY projects) and starting to learn Italian! That's right, this summer I am taking an intensive summer course with R. We have three weeks in New Haven and then five in Siena Italy. I can't wait.