Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yours sincerely, wasting away

Just finished an exam. I've been "studying" for days though only really started to understand things a few hours before the actual test, ugh.

But now it's the weekend. To celebrate I went on a Forever 21 binge (because they're having a big sale and my test made me sad)

What's on its way to me in snowy New Haven:

Floral Crochet Pointelle Dress ($7.99)

Lace Overlay Babydoll Dress ($19.80), I figured I would try a cheaper alternative to the topshop dress and see if it satisfies my obsession.

Floral Knit Skirt ($12.90)

Dotted Jacquard Skirt ($6.99), I've actually tried this on in the store and thought it was very cute. Now that it's on sale it's even cuter.

Button Front Striped Skirt ($18.90)

Exposed Bow Back Top ($8.90), I have no idea why they chose to show such a wrinkly top.

Dainty Flower Leggings ($3.99)

Oval Jewel Bobby Pins ($3.80)

Square Jewel Bobby Pins ($3.80)

Over Plaid Poncho ($7.99), I can explain I swear! I have been looking for a big scarf like this for a while so that I can attempt a DIY with wool roving.

I hope this will come right after my last big test on Monday (which I now have to spend all weekend studying for) as a reward. For now I'm signing off for the weekend. My cousins are coming to visit (yay!) and R. and I have big anti-Valentine's day plans which may involve all you can eat sushi.

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