Monday, February 8, 2010

Here comes the sun

I've been struggling all week with my homework for my blogging class. I've watched as almost everyone has posted their completed assignments and wondered how on earth I was going to do such a good job of capture what my blog is supposed to be about. Our assignment was simple enough (unless you're me): make an inspiration board which represents what inspires you and your blog. The problem is that so many things inspire my blog and I have no idea how to include them. So I hemmed and hawed and bit my nails as I tried to figure out how to include everything I wanted to.

It turns out, once I started I couldn't stop. I've been fiddling with pictures and doodads for a few hours now and I love this assignment. I keep all the pictures that inspire me in two folders, one for digital images and one for magazine cutouts and the like. It was so nice to finally put it all together and see where it went. I am very pleased with the results.

I am sorry for the horrible pictures. I had to take these with hatman's iphone. I was able to take some with my roommates digital camera, but haven't uploaded those, so check back later!


  1. Bea this is great! I am curious now, no peppers as in hot peppers or the bell variety? I like the font on your blog. I shall return...

  2. An absolutely irrational fear of green peppers is a family trait.

  3. Your collage is absolutely beautiful and enchanting! I love the illustration of the little boy adorned with the rhinestone bow - perfection.

  4. so lovely! I actually like the iphone images, gives it mood and makes me think more about you and your blog. I am loving the animal rubber bands, I have them too! I have farm animals. I will never use them, I am just a sucker for anything to do with stationery!