Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily Ensemble: shopping week madness

I woke up in quite a mood this morning, thinking about all the amazing classes I would like to take but can't seem to weasel my way into. An hour later I got an email that cheered me up immensely, I got into Reading the Historical Romance Novel! My schedule is starting to look up.

Wearing: stella mccartney for gap kids shirt, marc jacobs belt, uo jeggings, floral doc martens

Getting into that class means I have a lot more freedom setting my schedule, so I decided to treat myself to starbucks and magazines. I rarely drink coffee, but I was feeling celebratory enough to pay $4 for a caffeine boost.

Reading: us, people, cosmopolitan, anthropologie january 2010 catalogue
Drinking: white chocolate mocha (my weakness)

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