Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Ensemble: blazer madness

The infamous Madewell blazer got rave reviews. And so I am even less inclined to continue the shopping ban. But like it or not I need to do something about the amount of money I spend.

I am trying to streamline my shopping habits. The occasional Forever 21 binge is ok, but every week is not. And so I have started making a list of all the pieces I really want. Then I find them on shopstyle, mark them for alerts and when they go on sale I will get an email. Simple, and it makes me think about what I really want vs. need. I'll share my shopstyle wish list soon.

Wearing: madewell blazer, zara dress, uniqlo slip, forever 21 tights, hunter boots, jcrew headband

There is another reason (besides wanting to go easy on my dad's bank account) that I am trying to cut down on random purchases.

I love purses. And I usually am able to find great deals on ebay (though I always check on the Purse Forum for authentication) or bonanzle. But I have fallen deeply in love with the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag (I've mentioned said obsession before) and I am unable to find a good second hand option. Therefore I am trying to save money with the eventual goal of buying the bag for myself. Let's hope I am able to stay focused.

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