Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Library Inspired Etsy Finds

Spending all my time in the library has serious repercussions for my blogging. I want books, books, books. And things inspired by books. I'd especially love a perfume that smells like old books.

How perfect is this vintage book locket?

From the bumbling bird

A little off the book theme, but to adorable not to post! (Also from the bumbling bird)

A unused diary from 1953

From hamsterguppies

An advertisement for an underwood typewriter! (I'll explain why this was so exciting in a minute)

From surrender dorothy

My bf (hatman as he is affectionately known) and I spent the first three months of our relationship apart. Many emails were exchanged. Quite a few skype dates were had. But my favorite thing was when he sent me a song. He has such a good ear, he always picks songs that perfectly capture whatever he is trying to say. He also writes beautiful songs but would probably kill me if I put one up here. Anyways, my favorite song he sent me (and one of my favorite study songs) is The Underwood Typewriter by Fionn Regan. If you've never hear of Fionn, do yourself a favor and download some of his songs.

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