Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

I'm back in New Haven. It's definitely good to be back, but I wish I could have had more time with my family.

I had to stay up until 3...ish to get a paper finished, but I've got a nap planned for later, so hopefully I'll make up the deficit.

I had a great weekend, filled with a surprising amount of art, food, and a little bit of politics. I was able to see both the SOFA show, and several Humanities Festivals events. If you're living in Chicago and don't take advantage of the Humanities Festival you're crazy. This year's theme is laughter, so I saw Second City perform at my old high school and I also saw Senator Claire McCaskill speak. She was phenomenal, but I was surprised by how few young people were in the audience.

Sunday afternoon I went to the Art Institute with my dad. We ran through the Arts and Crafts exhibit and then spent a far amount of time in the new Modern Wing. It is such an amazing space.

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