Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daily Ensemble: spring fling

Per my own suggestion I am wearing a romper for our annual music festival, spring fling. However, it is neither sunny or warm so I am wearing tights layered with plush thigh highs and boots. Ah well, at least the music will be good, I can hear Matt and Kim's sound check from my room!

Wearing: diy headband, fp beach romper, vintage bralette, wilfred belt, assets tights, plush thigh highs, opening ceremony boots

I made a few new headbands last night when I was procrastinating. This one is inspired by this adorable little fille headband.


  1. hey, was wondering, how did you make the heart? did you knit it?

  2. No its much easier than that! I cut out a felt heart and then glued cord onto it. I buy my cord from joanns, its in the home fabrics sections. I think it's supposed to be curtain trimmings haha

  3. how did you make the bow?