Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things I've Bought Files: iphone case

I loved my old iphone case, but it had a run-in with a bottle of champagne. I've been lusting after the ban.do iphone case after seeing it on a bunch of blogs, but I'm pretty sure I would turn a white case to a gross shade of grey/brown in a few days.

Image via ban.do

Since I really liked my custom case from uncommon I decided to give another custom case a try. This time I chose luxeplates who also have an amazing range of already designed cases, as well as a design-your-own option. I went the DIY route and, inspired by my friend Anna, used the falcon of the Elizabethan club. (Fun fact: a white falcon with red and white roses was Anne Boleyn's personal heraldic symbol, and Elizabeth I often used an image of a falcon as a way to honor her mother.)

Here's the finished product:

Pretty packaging

I love the new case, but it doesn't do all that much protecting and I'm pretty hard on my technology so I think I'm going to buy a clear case to go over it and offer some more protection against my clumsy self.

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