Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little help for the guys

Since I am the resident shopping addict amongst my female friends they often ask me to help find specific things. This does not happen with my male friends. They just say: "find me new clothes" or "go shopping with me pleaseeee." According to Char spring clothes are more difficult to find. Something about sweaters are easy and shorts are hard.

So here, I went spring shopping for all of you boys. (Also for girlfriends who get bugged about this like I do.)

1. Shorts

$195, these are from rag&bone which means they're expensive, but will probably last forever 

$148, steven alan, I like dark wash shorts, they seem fancier somehow

2. Baseball hat
$44, vintage inspired Chicago Whale's hat, Ebbets Field 

3. Comfy t-shirt
$40, I love men in stripes, from jcrew

4. Khakis
$185, lightweight, simple, easy from needsupply

5. Summer sneakers
$88, summery espadrille type things, from needsupply

6. Lightweight button down

$188, this comes in all kinds of summery color combinations, steven alan

$195, this is the good kind of pink, from our legacy

I've also pinned more options over here!

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