Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The 4th Annual Romper Hunt

Every year, around this time in April, Miranda and I begin the Annual Romper Hunt. It starts with a casual mention of Spring Fling, the spring music festival that Yale throws on the first Tuesday of reading week. Inevitably people are disappointed with the bands playing (this year I believe it's T-Pain and Passion Pit) and complain about how they never get good bands. Which is particularly silly given that Spring Fling isn't really about the bands, it's about day drinking.

At some point it was decided that a romper is really the only appropriate outfit for Spring Fling.* So at that first mention of Spring Fling Miranda and I take to our computers in a desperate hunt for the perfect romper. I've got a jump on her this year because I think I've already found mine (!) but I'm still looking because I'm an addict and can't stop.

This is everything one could ever want in a Spring Fling romper, $63.63 from asos

Also adorable, also from asos

I wore overalls last year, best decision ever. From forever21

I am obsessed with all of zinke's gorgeous silky things, zinke

Stars from nastygal

*Disclaimer: Rompers are a bizarre piece of clothing, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about them in real life. However, Spring Fling is like a wrinkle in time in which one is allowed to do any number of bizarre things that are not allowed in real life, i.e. the wearing of a romper.

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