Tuesday, June 8, 2010

shopping ban update

Alrighty, so I finally have internet in my new apartment though getting it was a nightmare and a half. Comcast, we are in an enormous fight if you didn't already know.

In my last post I promised home improvement and cooking. The apartment is slowly starting to look like a home, but there are still areas that need work. My shoe collection desperately needs a home. At the moment its sitting in a yellow crate that I bought at the elephant trunk flea market. Yup, I finally made it and on the only sunday I could go this summer there was a hurricane warning so there weren't that many vendors or shoppers. I did manage to get a lamp ($5), the aforementioned crate ($7), some glass bottles ($4) and a book on the Palio ($20).

My cheat day has come and gone. I managed to restrain myself at Madewell and got one t-shirt.

So soft and I wear my other three all the time.

Jcrew seduced me into buying a very adorable shirt-dress. Since I am not a giant as this model appear to be the dress is a perfectly respectable length on me.

I resisted the lures of this one. (Indigo-stripe Schuyler dress, $168)

I am still debating the pros and cons of a fedora from jcrew which is not online yet. All in all I think I did very well. I am definitely avoiding urban outfitters at all costs, though I had to walk by on the way to the bookstore today and was almost won over by a sale rack.

A trip to target for household items was a challenge but I made it through.

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