Friday, May 28, 2010

Summah Posting

So obviously I'm slacking a little bit since it's summer. But soon I'll be back in New Haven to start my Italian class and I'm hoping with a little more routine in my life I'll be blogging more regularly.

I'm also planning on going on a shopping hiatus for these next three weeks, similar to the one that Rachel over at Heart of Light does. After reading her thoughts on last years hiatus (here) I decided to undertake my own with a few modifications. Mine will be 3 rather than 12 weeks and I will be still allowing furniture and thrift store purchases since I am trying to outfit a new apartment. The main thing I want to cut back on is new clothes. As I've been moving from dorm to new apartment and home I've come to realize how many clothes I have that I just don't wear.

I have built in one cheat day because I know R. and I are going to the mall one day soon ostensibly to return get him a new iphone but there is also a Madewell there and I doubt I will be able to resist.

So for the next three weeks I will be focusing more on home improvement and the adventures of learning how to cook. See you soon!

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