Monday, June 28, 2010

Siena: week 2

Wearing: jcrew headband, tory burch sunglasses, jcrew dress, uniqlo slip, ysl bag, matt berson sandals

This weekend we met up with a friend in Rome. The highlights were definitely a dinner at Taverna Romana (here's a really good article about the neighborhood it is in) and trekking up to the cupola of Saint Peter's while a mass was going on. We were planning on not shopping until a chance encounter with a woman on the street (she literally leaned out of her shop to tell us it was only open from 10pm until 2am) meant a 20 minute detour and the purchase of a bikini from the 1950's (unworn) and a cacharel cardigan decorated with cherries.

Returning to Siena really felt like coming home, and our sleepy little city is quickly transforming into a medieval town as preparations for the Palio are well under way. If you have never heard of the Palio I highly recommend a visit to wikipedia trip. I have decided to route for the chiocciola contrada, their mascot is a snail! (R. thinks I'm crazy but there is something wonderfully ironic about having a snail as your mascot for a race.)

A flag thrower from chiocciola in traditional medieval costume

We also ended up back at Aloe & Wolf today where I finally decided to buy a bowler hat. I also found some very nice vintage Italian ties for my dad, happy late father's day!

Speaking of which, I forgot to give a birthday shout-out to my sister (and sometimes co-blogger) Leah. Happy birthday Wintergreen, you're an adult now but I'm still going to tell you what to do because that's what big sisters are for.

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