Friday, August 13, 2010

DIY: summer sunglasses

I'm back! After a fantastic 5 weeks in Italy and a relaxing weekend in the Hamptons with R. I have just enough time to get in one DIY project before I'm off to my next adventure: rafting down the Grand Canyon with my family!

This project was super easy and inspired by these Sonia Rykiel pearl sunglasses. (Quick note: I attempted this two times. The first time I did not use flat-back pearls and just regular beads but they fell off very quickly. I highly recommend finding flat-back pearls if you'd like to try this project.)

These were all over the blogosphere a while back but I didn't have time to try making my own till this week. I was able to find flat-back pearls at a wonderful bead shop in Chicago, enBeadia and they're having a sale! I chose light grey and blue pearls instead of plain white.

Here is my first attempt:

And here's the second:

I'm off to pack for the river, I don't think my pearl sunglasses will survive the rapids so they're staying home.

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