Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emmy Fashions!

Leah here!
In addition to being the food and baking corespondent, I now have a new role: Award Show Fashion Corespondent! I love award shows and I am not ashamed of it. I consider it to be research for my future career. Of course, the Oscars are my favorite but coming in at the number two spot are the Emmys! I am a TV nut, so I love the show where I know everybody and everything, unlike basically any music award show.
Now, I care about who wins, but I won't bore you with all of my opinions, except to say that I am very happy for Modern Family and Archie Panjabi, perhaps the coolest chick ever, and Julianna Margulies was robbed. There, I'm done.
And now on to the more exciting things: Dresses!
I do not believe in worst dressed lists, they are mean. Yes, some people looked stupid, but they don't need me telling them that and I hope to never end up on one.
Instead, I present my top 14 looks of the evening, in ascending order:

#14: Kiernan Shipka
Oh come on! How could I resist? She is too cute! This is Don Draper's daughter from Mad Men looking adorable.

#13: The Ladies of Glee: Jenna Ushkowitz and Amber Riley
These ladies share the 13th spot on my list. Not quite as eye catching as some of the other gleekers, but Jenna and Amber pulled off their looks nicely.

#12: Keri Russell
One of Bea's favorite movies is Waitress and we are both big Keri Russell fans. I wasn't blown down or anything by her dress, but I liked that she was rocking a cool color and making it work.

#11: Jenna Fischer
I am digging Jenna's cool red dress. I am a big floaty chiffon person so I like the bottom.

#10: Maura Tierney
Big Maura fan, seen every single episode of ER. And I must say, I am so happy to see her looking so wonderful after battling breast cancer last year. And I really like her red lace-like dress!

#9: Dianna Agron
This girl is so beautiful and while I would not chose this dress for myself, I think she looks absolutely gorgeous.

#8: Mariana Klaveno
Those of you who are True Blood fans will be familiar with Mariana, she plays Lorena. I absolutely love blush colored dresses and I think this is such an elegant dress without being boring.

#7: Kevin McHale
The only man to make the list! Let's face it, mens fashion is boring. But Kevin looked so cute with his glasses and yellow bow-tie. I am now realizing this list features many Glee cast members, but what can I say, they are a well dressed bunch. (With one glaring exception, but I promised not be mean)

#6: Emily Deschanel
As we enter the top 6, you will quickly realize that my favorite color is purple. It is the worlds most fabulous color and I wear it all the time, as should you. There was a lot of beautiful purple on the Emmy carpet this year, starting with the supremely fabulous Emily Deschanel of the supremely fabulous Bones.

#5: Emily Blunt
I am super jealous of two things: 1. She is married to John Krasinski. 2. She has a pretty purple dress.

#4: Kyra Sedgwick
Now here is when you know that I really like the dress because I don't even like Kyra Sedgwick. I don't have anything against her, I'm just not a particular fan. But I love this beautifully colored dress that she is wearing. I'm not even sure what to call the color, wine maybe? And congrats to her for winning Best Actress in a Drama Series!

#3: Christina Hendricks
I couldn't stop staring at this dress when ever I saw her. It is so floaty and beautiful and let's face it, she's basically a goddess.

#2: Claire Danes
There is a right way and a wrong way to do sparkles. This is the right way. Claire manages to look totally elegant and stylish while wearing an entire dress full of sparkles.

#1: Heather Morris
I don't know what to say about this dress other than FABULOUS! There really is no other way to describe it and so the lovely Heather Morris of Glee wins the top spot on my list which is I'm sure what she was aiming to do when she chose this dress.

I would also like to award a prize to the laugh-out-loud fashion moment of the evening. Mindy Kaling of The Office was being interviewed on the red carpet and in a typically very serious manor, was asked about the inspiration behind her outfit. And she said that her hair was inspired by the movie Up.

I hope you all enjoyed my list and will tune in after future award shows for all of my witty commentary.

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