Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm back from my second trip to Paris this year. This one was with R. and his parents rather than Leah. There were lots more museums and less shopping but it was a glorious two weeks and I'm sad to be home.

For the first time in my life I will be living alone. R. is going to Alaska for the summer, most of my friends are going to be in New York (don't worry, I'll be visiting a lot) but I'm staying here in New Haven to work on my senior project and at the Walpole Library in Farmington, CT. I'm excited and very nervous. I felt grown-up buying groceries, not so grown-up when I accidentally answered the door in underwear (the maintenance men were very understanding).

R. took a million pictures in Paris, and I'm making funny faces in most but eventually I'll post them. I also have a variety of iphone pictures of art, food, and Versailles. I bought these repettos and got a little sunburned due to my lack of hat for most of the trip.

I will do a full round-up with restaurant, museum, and shopping recommendations. I also visited more bars than I ever have before (R's influence) so I'll include those too. But for right now I need to clean, organize and try and keep myself awake until a respectable hour so that I'm not horribly jetlagged. A bientot!

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