Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gadget Cases

I recently acquired an Ipad and an Iphone. I love both because they make my life easier and they're fun to play with. Due to my accident prone-ness cases to protect my beloved gadgets are an absolute necessity.

In London over spring break my dad took us to Hornets, a vintage clothing store that specializes in English staples like tweed and hunting jackets. We had fun looking for ties for my dad and I found the perfect case for my Ipad, a vintage traveling case from the 60s.

My Iphone case involved a less exciting search process (via google rather than a trip around London) but I love it just as much, if not more because it's customized.

I had my case made by uncommon. It's an incredibly easy process, just pick out an image you like and upload it to their site, choose which case you want it printed on and voila, a brand new customized iphone case.

I spent a few days trolling the internet for images before I landed on the perfect idea. I have tons of artists saved in my etsy favorites but I never get around to buying prints and hanging them on my wall. I looked through a couple of my saved sellers and one image popped out at me immediately. I emailed the seller asking if I could buy the rights to her image for use on a phone case. She happily agreed and yesterday my brand new case arrived.

The image I chose is The Classics by the wonderful Kristina Hultkrantz of emmakisstina. I'm thrilled with the case and highly recommend uncommon to anyone looking for a customizable iphone case!

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