Monday, October 25, 2010

Help Leah win the LA Times Holiday Cookie Bake-off!

Hi Everyone!
I come to you today with a humble request, to vote for my cookie so that I might win the LA Times first ever Holiday Cookie Bake-off. The Chicago Tribune has been doing this for years but I was never old enough to enter. Now that I am, I am going to enter in my new home city. My chosen cookie is Sour Cherry Rugelach, a super delicious cookie my family has been making for years for our holiday cookie boxes.
If you have a spare minute today, click on the link below to take you to the LA Time's website where you can register (it only take 10 seconds I swear) to vote in the bake-off. Then you can find my recipe under Sour Cherry Rugelach, see the photo, read my essay and vote! You can vote one time per day so if you're a really devoted LRSM reader, you can vote everyday until Nov. 15.
Thanks for your help!!!

Vote For Leah

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  1. Hi Leah, I loved your recipe and your story. Little did I know last year, I would be facing your same story. My Mom died this past April 2011 of ovarian cancer. I am entering her cookies in this year's LA Times Cookie Bake-off. Just wanted to connect with you. Hope you are well. I miss my Mom so much too. My entry this year is "Loretta's Thumb Prints" on page 13