Friday, September 3, 2010

Currently Loving: Backpacks

Shopping period has started with a vengeance and I'm already exhausted! There are some amazing classes being offered this semester, the trick is to get into them.

I've been lugging my computer around in a purse, definitely not ideal. And while I constantly talk about buying a Filson bag I still haven't pulled the trigger. I'm starting to seriously consider a backpack, something I swore I would never do after middle school. But I've been seeing so many cute options around campus and on the interwebs. Here's my round-up of backpacks, all under $100.

The Highlander ($99)

Comes in lots of different colors, can be worn lots of different ways. Etsy comes through again.

GWEND French Beige and Blue Backpack ($44)

I like this vintage option, but I'm not sure the beige will go with my winter coat (it's important to think about these things!) so someone else buy this please.

Vintage large navy canvas Backpack ($54)

I'm not sure if these straps are up to the weight of my laptop and a million books, but the label on this says "of course by schneiders, walker" and that is very hard to resist.

Vintage Chanel Backpack ($399)

Way outside my budget. But adorable.

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